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 Bethany Clemenson is a Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant with an extensive business background building teams, mentoring leaders, and leading change management to build a positive company culture.  Her background as a nurse, senior living professional, corporate culture trainer,and business developer led her to discover her passion for helping others lead, live, and love well. Bethany coaches individuals and teams, conducts group learning, and speaks to organizations on personal growth & development, mindset, leadership, and success.  

Why Bethany?

Bethany believes that everything about your life begins with how you think.  When you become aware of the beliefs and attitudes that hold you back, you can begin to personally grow into your best self! Understanding your personal makeup and giftedness allows you to lean into your strengths to reach your potential. When individuals focus on personal  development, every area of their lives are impacted.  When company's invest in their teams by giving them tools to grow, they find higher retention, engagement, and increased revenue. 

Bethany utilizes principles and tools from her personal experience and through dual coaching certification with the The Values Conversation  and  The John Maxwell Team

Bethany is available for speaking engagements, retreats, small-group teachings, short-term team building exercises or longer term consulting and coaching/mentoring engagements. Use the Contact page to tell her what you’re looking for. 

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